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Calls To Raise Minimum Wage Return With Labor Day

 Indians are obsessed with weddings and obsessed with reality television. Now Shagun TV, a new television channel headquartered in a sprawling suburb of India's capital, is hoping it has found a can't-miss idea ? merging the two into a 24-hour matrimonial TV station.

 When the price of coffee at Dean Rexall Drug doubled, it hit like a bolt from the blue. Literally.

 Authorities announced Sunday an investigation into the head of a commission that oversees the China's state-owned companies, in the country's latest high-profile corruption case.

 Ten thousand decisions go into creating a big, boisterous parade. No one knows that better than Robin Buchanan, who jual jaket online murah for years has juggled the lineup at the Labor Day parade that has jubilantly closed out every Newtown summer for more than five decades.

 A recurring call to raise the minimum wage has returned in the run-up to Labor Day in the form of national rallies and a new report that finds Michigan ranks second-to-worst among states for wage growth during the past 30 years.

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